Price EPC Certificate :

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With Certinergie, the price of EPC certificate depends on a few simple parameters:

  • The region where the good is situated
  • The type of real estate
  • The surface of the real estate

No additional cost is counted for the attached documents,missing plans, distance, technical files research./p>

Everything is included in our price, fixed beforehand. Of course this takes into account that the description of the real estate has been well-communicated beforehand.

The price of the EPC certificate with online payment is: our transportation, the possibility of getting the keys within a 15km range, the readings on the spot ( between 30 min - 1h30 ) , searching for acceptable proofs, technical file research, explanations, modelization, encoding of the readings in the regional software ( between 1-2h ), sending the reports.

You can find the price tables below EPC per region including the price reductions for all orders on our website.

Price EPC

Price EPC Studio Price VAT incl.
EPC Studio < 50 m2 130€
Price EPC Apartment
EPC Apartment 51-75 m2 185€
EPC Apartment 76-125 m2 200€
EPC Apartment 126-200 m2 or duplex 245€
EPC Apartment > 201 m2 or triplex 265€
Price EPC House
EPC 2 bedroom house < 200 m2 265€
EPC 3 bedroom house 201-250 m2 290€
EPC 4 - 5 bedroom house/villa 251-300 m2 310€
EPC 5 bedroom house/villa 301-400 m2 330€
EPC 5 bedroom house/villa 401-600 m2 370€
EPC Prestige property > 601 m2 On demand
* including the price reductions for all orders on our website

You can also easily get a tailored quotation onlineen cliquant ici

Think about our combined formula and package your order with an electrical installation and your EPC certificate', and enjoy our complementary 100 € reduction.

How does the billing work ?

The bill will be sent the day of the audit or during the certification or given directly by the inspector during his visit. This can be paid directly with Bancontact or through bank transfer within 15 days. As soon as we recieve the payement or the proof, the report will be signed and sent through email and on your account « Certinergie » wihtin 24 h and by mail.

An EPC certificate below 100 € VAT incl, is it possible ?

Be wary of inspectors that are too cheap, they can make you loose a lot of money!

EPC certification demands a high quality workmanship and has to respect the strict protocol established by the regions. It is REQUIRED that the certification inspector comes to the real estate. EPC certification by phone is impossible. The measurements require a minimum of time (at least 20 minutes for a small apartment). This makes it hard to offer very cheap prices. In addition, the elements that are presented have to be validated by the certifier, and this takes time. With a research that is done too quickly, you risk getting an EPC certificate that is less representative and if some info is lacking, the inspector will have to use default values that result in a worse grade. This can have indirect concequences on the value of your real estate during renting or selling.

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