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Combine EPC + electrical inspection + tank inspection to get the best price

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The winning Certinergie solution

When you sell your residence, you must carry out several legal inspection duties, enforced by different legislation.

The aim of this is to provide your future purchaser with more information.

Besides the EPC and electrical inspection which are mandatory for all sales, if your residence is equipped with an oil tank, this will also need to be inspected under certain conditions.

You will therefore need to conduct multiple inspections: Certinergie can help you save money and time by offering you its “all-in-one” solutions!

We propose the TRIO pack of ” Electricity + EPC + Oil tank inspection“.

Take advantage of €120 discount for our EPC + tank inspection + electrical inspection pack for all online orders with online payment.

Your benefit

Are you selling your residence equipped with an oil tank? The legally obligatory inspections are: the EPC, the electrical inspection, the oil tank inspection.

As it’s pointless to call 3 different people or companies, Certinergie is offering to conduct 3 simultaneous inspections for you, all in a single appointment. You win on all fronts: you save money and, above all, you save time!

Our difference

Unlike many other agencies on the market, Certinergie has full control of all the services it offers. We do not subcontract. We can see 2 massive advantages for the end customer:

1) It means that we can assure follow-up and technical explanations for all the reports we deliver.

2) It also means that we also have full control of the costs of our services. That’s why with Certinergie, you’ll always benefit from the best price, along with our combined offers. All this without losing sight of our main goal, which is always to ensure more quality for our clients in the performance of our work

Our trio pack

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