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Our combined EPC + Electrical inspection solution: a winning choice!

Order and pay online and get the best price for your PEB certificate and electrical inspection.

As a certified body, we always conduct the 2 BEP + ELEC inspections simultaneously. You won’t only save money, you’ll also save time.
See the combined inspection prices and compare them for yourself.

Are you selling your residence?

As your solicitor or estate agent will tell you: you must be able to present the EPC certificate the electrical inspection to your potential purchasers.

There are 2 obligations for owners who want to sell their residences. These are generally performed by 2 different contacts, requiring 2 appointments to be made, 2 trips, 2 different people, 2 invoices… In short, a waste of not only time, but money as well.

For this reason, at Certinergie, we offer to perform all your sale obligations in a single appointment.

This means that you’ll only be paying one invoice, there will only be one trip, and therefore you’ll save time. But above all, you can also save up to 40% on the price that you would have paid separately.

Calculate, order and plan your combined EPC + elec. inspection easily online

EPC + Electrical inspection. Combine and save!

Type of property EPC incl. VAT* Electrical inspection incl. VAT* EPC + Elec combo incl. VAT**
Studio flat EPC < 50 m2 €205 €195 €.390 €305
Apartment 50-75 m2 €250 €195 €435 €360
Apartment 76-125 m2 €260 €195 €445 €340
Apartment 126-200 m2 or duplex €290 €195 €475 €390
Apartment > 201 m2 or triplex €320 €195 €505 €420
House 2 bedrooms <200 m2 €310 €195 €495 €410
House 3 bedrooms 201-250 m2 €330 €195 €515 €430
House 4 - 5 bedrooms 251-300 m2 €350 €195 €535 €450
House 5 bedrooms 301-400 m2 €370 €255 €610 €525
House/Villa 5 bedrooms 401-600 m2 €400 €255 €640 €555

* Rebates included for online payment
** Final price including all discounts (simultaneous order and payment online)

How can you take advantage of the lowest prices?

Click on the “Order” button below, simply choose the BEP certificate and an electrical inspection. Your rebates will be calculated and applied directly.
Note that online payment at the time of the order will entitle you to an additional rebate of €10.Don’t wait any longer!


€10 extra off your EPC!

Take advantage of an additional €10 rebate by combining an electrical inspection with your EPC request..

Calculate, order and plan your combined EPC + elec. inspection easily online