Energy Performance Certificate

EPC Certificate
EPC - Brussels

The Energy Performance Certificate is an official document that specifies the energy performance of a property under normal conditions.

A recognized expert evaluates the property on site and takes measurements. The results of the measurements are then processed through a method determined by the government.

When ?

The Energy Performance Certificate is, in particular, compulsory when selling or hiring out residential accommodation.

Be careful, though, because the regulation may differ per region. For example, the EPC for Brussels is not the same as the one for Flanders. We recommend you to look up and read the regulation for energy expertise applicable to the region where your property is located (see the frequenty asked questions).

The EPC certificate is required BEFORE you sell or rent out your property.

The energy performance score must be stated in every advertisement for the sale or renting out of your property.

The buyer or renter must be informed of the EPC score before signing the purchase or rental agreement. This formality must be officially recorded.

How ?

The EPC certificate is determined using methods and protocols which differ per region. During the inspection, our energy expert must have access to all areas of your property, so that he can take the following measurements.

Calculate the usable floor area and the volume of the property, determine the building materials used in the walls, the insulation values, the type of accommodation, calculate the energy consumption of the heating system, the hot-water system and the ventilation system, and if present, of the cooling system and the sustainable energy production system.

Note: proof must be handed over (for example, an invoice for the installation or the purchase of the materials) for the items which our inspector cannot see with the naked eye (such as roof insulation).

Be prepared!

This is in your own interest! In order for us to be able to draw up an accurate EPC certificate, you must:

  • Give us access to all areas of your property. Including the attic and the basement.
  • Give us access to the communal heating systems.
  • Provide as many acceptable items of proof as possible.

It is recommended to have the building plans of the building available.

Acceptable items of proof

Ideally, the information necessary for determining the EPC certificate should be visible with the naked eye. We call this visible proof.

If that is not possible, effective proof is required

The more documents you hand over to us, the more the EPC certificate will reflect the actual situation which will have a positive effect on the score. Do not worry if you do not have documents. Each expert has the requied knowledge and experience to perfom an accurate and detailled inspection.

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