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EPC Certificate in Brussels

EPC Certificate in Brussels

Below you can find the details of an EPC Certificate in Brussels

When do you need an EPC Certificate in Brussels ?

Here you can find a list of the targeted examples established by Brussels law

  • Sale : Sale pure and simple, intrafamily sale, sale with keeping right of income, sale of an income real estate, sale of an undivided share, voluntary or involuntary public auction ( the one who creates the sale ), expropriation, exchange, surface, leasehold
  • Renting : Rent contract primary residence, lifelong rent contract, real estate leasing, acreage, emphyteusis.
  • Material scope : single-family dwelling, apartment, apartment building, student housing, multi-family house, mixed-use building with habitat function, cottage, holiday home, building to renovate, building in deterioration, building public, new building

Duration of the certificate

The maximum length of an EPC certificate in Brussels is fixed at 10 years

Non residential/tertiary

Until now the requirement of having an EPC Certificate is also mandatory for buildings designated for offices and of which the surface is of 500m² in Brussels region.

The experts at Certinergie are also accredited for EPC Certificates for office spaces in Brussels.

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Prepare your appointment

If possible, we recommend you gather the following documents to facilitate the mission of our EPC expert and to valorize your EPC certificate. This way, the score of your home can only be better.

We insist on the fact that these documents are useful but not mandatory to establish your EPC certificate in Brussels. The more records you have, the better. If you have none, we will still be able to create your EPC Certificate.

Important! special requirement in Brussels

There is a special request for EPC certificates in Brussels of apartements present in the Brussels region whose heating installation is collective. An access to the common technical area is mandatory in order to be able to deliver the EPC Certificate in Brussels. We thank you in advance to make arrangements with your trustee, your concierge or agency so that our expert can have access to the heating installation.

List of supporting documents

  • The plans of the home (If you do not have these plans, please note that a copy is available at the local office of urbanisation.)
  • The file and request for a bonus when making house improvements with regards to saving energy.
  • A certificate of maintenance from the heating system.
  • A certificate of reception from the heating system.
  • The bills of your contractor that concerns the materials or installations used during renovation works.
  • The site reports or construction site advancement reports.
  • The subsequent intervention file (DIU)
  • The specifications book of the construction.
  • The EPC declaration

    If our expert cannot visually inspect acceptable proofs of energy saving materials, he will have to fill in those field with predetermined values of the software. These values have a negative effect on the overall score of your EPC certificate.



In order for the tenants or buyers to be able to compare energy performance scores between real estates, the owner or the intermediary has to:

  • Announce in all the advertisements (small advertisements, flyers, Internet ...) the energy class (from A to G) and the CO2 emissions mentioned on the EPC certificate.
  • Hand over on demand, the copy of the EPC Certificate in Brussels to the candidates or tenants.
  • Assure himself that the informations relatif to the EPC certificate in Brussels are presented during the act of transfer of real estate.


Punishment of imprisonment between 8 days and 12 months and a fee of between 25 and 25.000 EUR or either, for those who do not present a valid EPC certificate or do not respect the above mentionned advertisement requirements.

Legislation EPC Bruxelles

European directives on the energy performance of buildings

The orders establisehd in Brussels regarding energy performance and indoor climate of buildings

The Certinergie experience

Certinergie is a team of ten EPC experts that are accredited in Brussels. We cover the whole region of Brussels, including its suburbs.

There is always an EPC expert from Certinergie nearby.

Certinergie started in 2011 together with the law concerning the EPC certificates in Brusselsand is today the leader in the business, our experience comes from establishing thousands of certificates during the last six years.

Certinergie is also an accredited inspection organization that is accredited for electrical installation inspections. Don't hesitate to ask us for your electrical installation inspection together with your certificate in order to save time and money.


Your EPC Certificate in Brussels at the best rate.

Certinergie is the reference when it comes to quality and service.

As a reminder, no additional costs will be charged for the travelling expenses, regardless where your EPC certificate appointement takes place.

Below you can find a list of promotional prices for your EPC Certificate of your home in Brussels.

Price EPC Certificate Brussels studio 110 € VAT incl*
Price EPC Certificate Brussels house 200 € VAT incl*
* Promotion included

Create your quotation based on your home in the region of Brussels.

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