Certinergie Certificate

Who is qualified to create an Energy Performance Certificate?

Certinergie is recognized by the Belgian Ministry of Economy.

Energy experts in Flanders are required to have followed the training in order to become an energie expert type A.

If you would like more information regarding the legal obligation of owning an EPC certificate in Brussels, please visit Leefmilieu Brussels.

If you would like more information regarding the legal obligation of owning an EPC certificate in Wallonia, please visit Energie Wallonië.

What is the process of creating an Energy Performance Certificate?

The owner or seller contacts us to plan an inspection. We arrive at the agreed time that fits your schedule. This usually happens between 8.30 and 17 u.

Our accredited energy experts inspect your whole home. This step usually lasts about 1 hour for a house and 30 minutes for an apartment. They analyze the plans (if present), perform the necessary measurements, check the glass, insulation, etc. in order to create the Energie Performance Certificate according to the regional protocol. After the EPC-inspection took place, all the information gathered are introduced into the Certificationsoftware in order to calculate the EPC-certificaat score.

What is the delay of an EPC-certificate?

At Certinergie you can ask on special request that you want to recieve the certificate within 24 hours. You have to usually count between 1 and 5 workdays for planning the inspection and 2 workdays before recieving your certificate.

Our advantages:

Place your order easily online or by calling us at 0800/82171. We can equally plan your inspection by email or phone.

Thanks to our team of more than 40 experts, we can always plan within the smallest timeframe. On special request, you can already have everything within 24 hours. We always try to send the report within 24 hours of our inspection.

After recieving the payment we immediatly send the report by mail or email, you can also download the report on your account on our website.

Did you loose your report during moving? You cannot find it anymore while signing the deed with your notary? You can always find it on your personal account on our website.

When selling or renting your home, make use of our packaged COMBI-inspections (EPC-certificate + electrical installation inspection), this way you will save time (only 1 appointement necessary) and money!

Only Certinergie, a Ministry-accredited organisation, offers EPC-certification and electrical inspections that have a guaranteed quality.

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